Paleo Patrick’s Day Brunch and The Anti-Paleo Weekend!

I am currently in New York for the final conference of the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations, which kick off tomorrow but, before I start working, I’ve been spending some time with my lovely sister who moved to the Big Apple in November. We have been eating our way around Manhattan and I have to confess it has pretty much turned into the anti-paleo weekend! But before I give you a run down of some of the tasty treats we’ve been having I wanted to share an idea for a Paleo friendly Paddy’s Day brunch!

Green eggs and Ham

So, if you google ‘paleo green eggs and ham’ you’ll find some good recipes for creating paleo dishes based on the famous Dr Seuss rhyme. My own personal favourite is from, which involves bacon, eggs, avocado and kale pesto. This is delish and the pesto really adds umph to your standard bacon and eggs brekkie and the green, white and orange colour palate will totally get you geared up for the pararde and festivities! I challenge you to make it look pretty though…this was mine:

Tasty but not so pretty Green Eggs and Ham!

Tasty but not so pretty Green Eggs and Ham!

Head over to for the recipe!

Dear Paleo Diary,
Let’s just say, I will probably be in need of another Whole30 after this trip! I have thrown caution to the wind this weekend and have decided to give myself a complete weekend of indulgence!

We began our culinary journey at Balthazar a must visit French restaurant at 80 Spring St in Soho. I had Skate fish and sister had the Moules Frites. The skate was perfectly cooked and was served with cauliflower florets, sweet red peppers, capers and sultanas. So good! Sister wrangled me into sharing a bread pudding which I was a little scared of given I haven’t been eating bread or dairy, but it was very light and was the perfect end to the meal. I also had my first alcoholic drink in a long time… A Brigette, on the waitresses recommendation. It was a beautifully refreshing drink of vodka, cucumber and mint.

This morning we ate at Rare on 37th and Lexington. This place is well worth a visit for breakfast. I meant to take a picture when the dishes came out but in my eagerness to get stuck into my brioche French toast with bacon and maple syrup, it slipped my mind! Sister had the all American bacon and eggs with fried potatoes. The portions were generous and the service was great!


The last spot I wanted to recommend is Melissa’s Cupcakes beside Grand Central on 42nd, though I think there are a few around. These were literally the tastiest baked treats I’ve ever had! They come in miniature buns so you can try a few different flavours… It’s still really hard to pick though! We went for red velvet, chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate chip pancake and the March special, caramel apple. You can see how happy they made me!

However, as you might expect, I’m sitting here feeling rather ill tonight. Not unbearably so, but bad enough to be looking forward to going paleo again! Obviously, the pizza slice and few drinks we had tonight to celebrate St Patricks day hasn’t helped either! The effects of sugar, gluten and dairy on my body are pretty instantaneous and I have no doubt I function better without them. For now though, I’m happy out after enjoying a few of New York’s tastiest treats!

Shout out
I met a very nice guy on the flight over and he’s in New York to run the half marathon tomorrow with 2 of his friends. We had great chats about paleo and fitness so I wanted to wish Garrett and everyone running tomorrow morning the best of luck!

Happy St Patrick’s Day Folks!

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