Drum Roll Please…

I did it! I, Miss No Will-Power, stuck with something for a Whole30 days. (See what I did there?!) I am so excited to be writing this post and I’ve got a few little bits for you today but first up The Before and After Shot!

The Dreaded Before and After Shot

If you’ve looked on any diet related site you will find hundreds of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots illustrating the phenomenal (and sometimes fantastical) effects of said diet. Many of them are so photo-shopped and choreographed that it is difficult to know what was the diet and what was the photographer! Some diets do so much more than help you lose weight though. Have you seen the pic of the unhappy, balding, pasty Irish guy pre (insert fad diet here)? Come the After shot, not only is he a stone lighter but his receding hairline has miraculously disappeared and he awoke on Day30 to find he was half Spanish all along and now has a killer tan to boot! These shots not only represent a distorted account of the progress made by the individual, but also create completely unrealistic expectations for people.

Photo Courtesy of kootation.com

Photo Courtesy of kootation.com

All ranting aside, Before and After shots can be a very good way to measure your progress. Boyfriend (a photographer and graphic designer) took the Before and After shots for his Crossfit Group who have also just finished the Whoel30. These photos won’t be posted anywhere or looked at by anyone other than the individual themselves. When taking the photos he tried to get the same lighting in both shots and advised people to wear the same clothes on Day 1 and Day 30. This is really important if you want to get an accurate reflection of your progress.

A few people have asked me whether I would be posting a Before and After photo on the blog? The answer is no. I have taken a few pics of myself in my workout gear on Day 1 and Day 30 of the programme but ultimately, they are for me. I can look at them proudly and very clearly see the progress I have made. But do I want the world to see me half naked in all my pasty glory? Hell-No! My version of the Before and After shot here will come in the form of my stats as promised. So, without further adieu here they are (side by side for your ease of comparison).

Height: Before 5ft 7” After 5ft 7”(amazingly, still the same!)
Weight: 143lbs to 133lbs (10lbs loss)
Bodyfat: 26% to 24% (Down 2%)
Waist: 30inches to 28 inches (2 inch loss)
Belly:35 inches to 32 inches (3 inch loss)
Hips: 38 inches to 37 inches (1 inch loss– I told you I had a booty!)

General Health Before: Frequent headaches, some back pain and achey joints (Such an old woman!).
General Health After: Hip and back pain are far less frequent. The achey joints have pretty much disappeared. I have had fewer headaches though last week’s ear infection brought on a few.

Energy Levels Before: Generally wake up tired but have good energy till mid-afternoon and crash till mid-evening.
Energy Levels After: I wake up ready to go after a good night’s sleep and I have pretty consistent energy all day obviously, getting a little more tired at night.

Diet Pre-Whole30: Porridge with milk for breakfast, a sandwich or soup and bread for lunch and a big dinner, generally with some form of potatoe, rice or pasta. I snack on chocolate, cake or anything with sugar! I mainly drink sugar free diluted juice (packed with sweeteners!). I might have 1 glass of wine or a vodka tonic per week but I’m not a big drinker.
Current diet: Eggs with fruit or a smoothie for breakfast (I’ll post the yummy recipe for this soon), stew or a piece of meat/fish and veg for lunch and, meat and veg (sometimes with sweet potato) for dinner. I snack on nuts, fruit or veggies. I drink water, herbal tea and black coffee. I am no longer craving chocolate like I used to and I have become much more aware of what I am putting into my body on a daily basis. A treat really does mean a treat now!

So, was it worth the hassle? Absolutely! I think the figures speak for themselves. Obviously everyone is different and will have varying degrees of change depending on your lifestyle pre-Whole30 but the difference in how I feel on a daily basis is enough to warrant a recommendation! I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself! I would also encourage anyone taking on a Whole30 not to weigh themselves for the duration of the programme. As someone who weighs themselves very regularly, this was a real challenge for me but the surprise at the end was totally worth it! So, in summary…Try it and I promise you will feel better for it!

The Million Dollar Question

Everyone keeps asking me what I ate yesterday that was not Paleo?! I toyed with the idea of pigging out and then thought it was probably best not to make myself ill! So as a treat I ate two chocolates and a teaspoon of crème fraiche with my dinner. Everything else was Paleo! I realise that probably makes me a little boring but there is no point in undoing all the good I have done over the last month!

What Next?!

I thought that I would introduce either dairy or grain back into my diet but given the fantastic changes I’ve seen I am going to try stick to Paleo as much as possible. I will be introducing white potato back in because, from what I’ve read, it ain’t so bad! I will also be trying out Paleo treats for those times when I want something sweet without the sugar crash or tummy aches. On that note, I hope to start posting more recipes I’m trying since the Paleo Pancake Tuesday post was such a hit.

Writing this blog has been a real incentive to keep going especially on those nights when I got home at the end of a sh*tty day and just wanted to drown my sorrows in a tub of Ben and Jerrys. So I’m gonna keep on posting and hope that you guys don’t get sick of reading about what I’m eating! I promise I’ll start writing about some others things soon.

Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow!

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