Full Disclosure!

First, a sincere apology for the lack of updates of late! A combination of a hectic period in work, being sick and some travel meant I’ve had little or no time to put together a decent post. In fact, I write this from a conference in a little town outside Geneva. I have an hour break before we meet again for dinner so thought I’d take the opportunity to write. Plus, I owe you guys a post!

Dear Paleo Diary,

The last two weeks have been interesting! I thought, having reached the half-way mark, I would be chuffed with myself and totally revved about next half but on day 15, all I wanted was junk food! I hadn’t been craving chocolate or chips or cake in the physical sense but after a stressful day of car antics, I would have given anything to not have to cook a dinner that night! I guess this is the part where your will power really gets tested.

The novelty and newness of the Whole30 had begun to ware off and I was realising I had to be in constant control of what I was eating. This process has made me realise how often I left the decisions over where to eat, when to eat and what to eat to family and friends. I’m indecisive at the best of times but when I’m hungry I literally will give anything for someone else to make the decision for me.

Don’t worry though, I did cook dinner that night and days 15-20 went pretty well. I even stayed strong on a night away with boyfriend. We ate in two really nice restaurants and both were very helpful when we explained we couldn’t eat grain, sugar or dairy! I have seen a slow and gradual change in my body and my jeans are a little looser! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to work out as much as I would like but I am getting in 2-3 workouts a week. My energy levels have been much better and I’ve also noticed my concentration levels have been improving particularly given the jam-packed schedule I’ve had! All seems too good to be true ay?!

And it kind of was! After avoiding flues and viruses for the winter, I got hit by a double whammy at the weekend! I was leading a youth workshop on Saturday and was about half way through when I suddenly found the right side of my head was numb (later discovered it was only an ear infection). Obviously we had a whole afternoon left to do so I just kept at it but I was pretty wiped and a bit dizzy all day. I was the same on Sunday, and when boyfriend got hit by a wall of tiredness I figured it was a virus of some sort. Still, I kept eating good Paleo food…nothing better for you than nutritionally dense food when you are run-down.

And then I got really sick. Lets just say it wasn’t pretty! After trying and failing to keep numerous Paleo options down, I had to concede. I always said I would be completely honest so here it is: on day 23 I ate one piece of toast and one white potato. I guess this means that technically I failed the Whole30, but I’m not bothered! I tried as hard as I could to stick to it despite how sick I felt and unfortunately my tummy wasn’t settling. Plus, I went straight back on the Whole30 straight after that potato! Even though my tummy clearly has not enjoyed the food the last few days, I have stuck to it. Maybe the inflammatory affects have just been restarted all over again but this process has been as much about my relationship with food as it has been about the physical affects.

So, here I am, in Switzerland, the land of fondue and chocolate (possibly two of my favourite foods) at a conference in a plush hotel with very appetising breakfast pastries, desserts and cheeses, and despite my supposed failure I have not used that as an excuse to tuck in. My Whole30 and the goals I have set for myself finish next Monday and not a minute before!

Keep on keeping on!

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