Saved by Snacks

The part most people, including myself, struggle with when they decide to embark on a Whole30 (or just paleo in general) is what to eat as snacks? If you can’t have a choccy digestive to dunk in your tea at 11’s or a latte at your mid-afternoon slump, how will you make it to your next meal without falling off the bandwagon?!
So today, I thought I would show you guys what snacks I’m eating to keep me on the straight and narrow. But first, a little progress update!

Dear Paleo Diary,

These last two days have been a little tougher than I expected. I’ve been really tired and achey after my kettle bell class on Monday. I even felt faint yesterday but then I realised I wasn’t eating quite enough. You really do need to chow down on a whole lot of veggies to get enough energy and more protein than you would usually eat if you’re also training. I was particularly grateful for my snack drawer yesterday!

Despite walking to work this morning like I had some form of twitching disorder in my legs, I fought through the urge to sit in the canteen and tuck into a bagel at lunch and killed another kettle-bell class. Or it killed me. I’m still too disorientated to tell! I am tired but it’s these little achievements and the promise of feeling even better than I did before that are keeping me motivated.

Snack Time

Anyone who knows me knows I like convenience. If I have to continually go out of my way for something, I will likely give up and not bother. Call me lazy, unmotivated or lacking in will power. The point is if I want to succeed at something like a Whole30 then I darn well need to be prepared. Otherwise, it’s donut land for me! So I’ve done two sections here: One for those days where you have a little spare time and one for those when you just need something quick and easy.

If you have time at the weekend or in the evenings, these are some good suggestions I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Chop up some carrots, cucumber, broccoli and celery into sticks and place in small sandwich bags in the fridge. That way you can take a bag with you to work each day.

2. Cook a batch of chicken breasts on Sunday and place 1-2 in each sandwich bag. Store in the fridge and take a bag to work with you.

3. Guacamole is your friend! If like me, you love avocados, making up some guac at the weekend to have with veg or veg chips (see below) is a total win! Check out this recipe from Sébastien Noël:

4. I realise some of you are not quite as addicted to sugar as I am and instead prefer the odd salty treat from time to time. This one is for you guys! Paleo crisps/chips (depending where you come from). You can pretty much make them from any root vegetable as seen here on The Paleo Foodie: Or, you can munch on tasty snacks while uping your greens intake with these tasty Kale Chips from NomNomPaleo (All her recipes are fan-dabby-dozie so have a good root!):

And now for the lazy woman’s way!

Ever been FUNGRY? Fungry (f**king hungry) is that point when you have gone beyond mild hunger pangs and have begun swinging your club around your head daring someone to cross you before you have gotten some food into you. A bit like the diva effect on the snickers ads! Boyfriend and I often get FUNGRY when we’re out longer than we expected. These snacks are perfect for those moments.


This picture should give you a general idea of the kinds of snacks I like to have close by at all times! In it you’ll find the following:

1. Pukka Three Ginger Tea: I love ginger and this is definitely working as a substitute for my morning latte.

2. Whole brazil nuts, cashews, almonds or mixed seeds. I’m eating these courtesy of The Good Snack Co ( ) at the moment. They are an Irish company and run a snack pack giveaway every week on Facebook.

3. Vita Coco Water: This stuff is delicious and perfect for a pre workout drink as it’s filled with hydrating electrolytes.

4. Nut butter: I like Almond or Cashew butter. A spoon of this with an apple is an awesome mid-morning snack.

5. Marks and Spencers Tenderstem, Carrot and Sugar Snap Pea packs. They’re supposed to be for microwaving but I love them raw. And at only 2 for €1.90, they’re a bargain!

6. Naked Bars. These are so tasty and some of them are like eating cake! But, be sure to read the labels as some (Banana bread, Apple etc) have oats. My favourites are Gingerbread, Cashew Nut and Pecan Pie. Eat them sparingly though because they are made of fruit and nuts so can be a little higher on sugar content.

Keep these in your drawer at work, in your biscuit press at home, in your car… I usually have a few naked bars or packets of nuts in my handbag to pull out in case I pass that point of reason!

Pancake Tuesday

This weekend I’ll be doing a post on a Paleo-Friendly Pancake Tuesday. Anyone doing Whole30 need not feel deprived.

Nom nom nom nom nom…

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