Screw You Side Effects!

Google ‘whole30 first week symptoms’ and you will get a list of rotten side effects that occur as your body cleanses itself of all the nastiness and begins to heal itself on your new diet of goodness. The list includes a variety of the following delights:

Digestive discomfort
Achey muscles
Lack of concentration
Broken sleep
And lets not forget Moodiness (cranky, angry, impatient or, if you’re me, despair!)

Glad I didn’t google this before starting. So, exactly how many of these symptoms have I experienced from days 1-3?

Dear Paleo Diary

Saturday was pretty ok. I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and didn’t have a whole lot in the house to make lunch so ended up a bit hungry mid-afternoon. This was not helped by the fact that my grand-aunt decided to bake one of her mouth-wateringly good apple tarts for afternoon tea. I resisted temptation though and sipped my herbal tea (albeit begrudgingly) while the rest ate pie! Dinner was awesome (I love that steak is a win on Paleo) and I felt pretty satisfied after. I missed my dear friend dessert though and I was pretty hungry going to bed.

I was awoken on Sunday by the delicious aroma of freshly baked scones floating into my bedroom. I love Sunday morning breakfasts and was tasting the buttery, jammy goodness when reality hit. And boy did it hit like a wall. When I say I had a headache, I mean there was a little man with massive hammer pounding on the inside of my scull from the moment I woke up till the moment I went to bed last night! I was tired, lacked energy and was unable to focus for much of the day and if it wasn’t for my flower-baring, car-repairing, family-charming boyfriend I would have been a narky wagon all day! However, it did clarify my suspicions that I am in fact a SUGAR FIEND as only 36 hours without sugar had caused this much of a reaction.

So it’s day 3. From what I’ve read I’m supposed to be feeling lethargic and craving sugar today but since I had that in such force yesterday that I think my body decided to give me a break! No headaches, but I am feeling quite uncomfortable in my belly (that’s the medical term) and have some pimples starting on my nose. I’ve had a steady flow of energy for the day and I’m feeling pretty on it.

I reckon that’s 8 of the 11 symptoms listed above! Honestly though, I am feeling good and even though it’s only been 3 days, I am feeling even better about the next 27!


Ironing Out the Creases in my Loincloth

I assume everyone has a steep learning curve on their first Whole30, or maybe I’m not as clued in as everyone else is when they start and I’m just making a mess of the whole thing! One tip I can give is to plan out your food for the day and then write down what you actually ate. If you’re like me, your meal plan will be similar to the countless study timetables you drew up in school…more of a general guideline than anything you’ll actually follow! I will try get better at sticking to it though.

Anyway, writing down my food helped me notice two things:
1. I ate more fruit than I should have over the weekend
2. I ate more fat than I should have over the weekend.

So today, I swapped my fruit for veggies and reduced the amount of fat I ate. I still ate a big coconut milk curry (Paleo Aloo Gobi-OMG! and two whole eggs so reckon that’s closer to what I should be eating.

One more tip: Read the labels! I received terrible news today when I discovered that my beloved Kara coconut drink is not Paleo friendly. I made a berry smoothie with this on Saturday…Whole30 fail!

Quick Note on my Kettle Bells

I started my kettle-bell class today and I think I’m gonna love it. I am a total weakling right now but blogs like Girls Gone Strong ( are encouraging me to push my body and see what I’m capable of. I’ll be swinging clubs like a cavewoman in no time.

See me rrrrrrrrrooooaaaaarrrrrr!

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2 Responses to Screw You Side Effects!

  1. Dizzy says:

    This was quite entertaining! I have decided to stay FAAAAR away from Paleo, it sounds too dangerous for my liking 😉

    • aoiferr says:

      Thanks so much for reading Rith! Great to know bodyrockers got my back here too! I hope I haventnturned you off Paleo…the benefits far out way any of the initial side affects and my boyfriend hasn’t had any of them!

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